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Karen Ahlgren's Studio at 703 County Road 13.2, Garcia, CO 81152Antique Child's Dresser Handpainted by Karen Ahlgren
Karen Ahlgren
Karen Ahlgren has been painting professionally since 1989. Her watercolor portraits of wildlife are deeply saturated using a jewel-toned palette--alternating between the quick, spontaneous thrill and tension of painting wet on wet and careful detail using tiny brushes. Karen's goal has always been to connect the viewer with the majesty and sentient soulfulness of these wild beings, while also offering delight and magic with the use of non-local color. Her intent is to push the medium of watercolor into a more intense visual and visceral experience. Ahlgren's powerful images suggest that wild beings have a place on this planet independent of human judgement. She hopes her images touch the heart and soul of the viewer. Karen shows in a number of galleries in the southwest as well as her own studio/gallery in Garcia, CO.
Location: 703 County Road 13.2, Garcia, CO 81152
Media: Watercolor
Style: Jewel-toned Wildlife Portraiture
ALT_TXT Nancy DeHerrera Crochet
Hi, my name is Nancy DeHerrera Crochet. I was born in New Mexico, raised in Costilla, a community tucked below the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. As a child waking up to the majestic mountains and going to bed with our colorful evening skies was, and still is, a pleasure. I have been taking pictures for many years and finally realized I wanted to take my photography to the next level. I enrolled at UNM Taos in a black and white photo class. It was a very empowering experience. I specialize in landscape photography and I also enjoy shooting portraits and weddings. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do. I carry such a deep respect for our beloved land. Gracias!
Location: Plaza de Arriba NM-196, Costilla, NM 87524
Media: Photography
Style: Landscape Photography
>Steve Gomez's Studio at 24 Old State Road 543Artist: Steve Gomez Steve Gomez
I moved to Taos in the eighties, mostly doing woodwork and custom home construction. I started oil painting about 20 years ago. Early on I was very fortunate to have great teachers like Ray Vinella and Don Ward. I have been in Costilla for about six years now and find the peace and quiet great for creating art.
Location: 24 Old State Road 543
Media: Oil Painting
Tinwork by Artist Cristina Hernandez Feldewert Cristina Hernández Feldewert
Cristina Hernández Feldewert is an award-winning tinsmith who has been actively working her craft for over 25 years. The combination of traditional techniques, carefully applied patinas, and attention to detail give Cristina's pieces a timeless appeal. A native of Santa Fe, NM, Cristina was raised in an environment of art and beauty intertwined with religous devotion. She tries to honor this tradition in her work today.
Location: 90 State Highway 196, Costilla, NM
Media: Tinwork and Straw Applique
Style: Traditionall Spanish Colonial Style
The Kirchner's Studios
The Kirchner's will not be participating this year.
Artist: Cordy LujanCristina Hernández Feldewert and Cordy Lujan will be at 90  State Highway 196, Costilla, NMInterior View of 90  State Highway 196, Costilla, NM where artists Cristina Hernández Feldewert and Cordy Lujan Will Be Cordy Lujan
My inspiration comes from the events and people surrounding my life as well as the beautiful color palette of the Colorado sky, mountains, and fields. I find myself at a loss when asked what kind of art I paint because I have such a variety of subject matters. Many of my pieces are about family and other personal feelings or things, as well as a few more controversial pieces and political paintings. I feel that art is all about intriguing and opening the mind to the beauty or ugliness of the world around them. All art is not beautiful, but if it touches the soul of the viewer, it is just as powerful.
Location: 90 State Highway 196, Costilla, NM
Media: Acrylic Painting
Artist: Huberto MaestasSan Francisco by Huberto MaestasRessurection by Huberto MaestasJacales Fine Art GalleryJacales Fine Art Gallery Huberto Maestas
Huberto Maestas is known for his 15 dramatic bronze sculptures making up the Stations of the Cross Shrine in Colorado's oldest town: San Luis.
Location: Jacales Fine Art Gallery 318 Main St, San Luis, CO 81152
Media: Bronze Sculpture
San Luis, Colorado Art Coop
New to the studio tour this year is a talented group of artists belonging to the San Luis Art Coop, a group formed to promote and support artists living in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. The artists themselves will be set up at the San Luis Heritage Center in downtown San Luis. You will be able to meet and experience the work of up-and-coming artists in many media including photography, acrylic painting, watercolor, jewelry, and painted apparel. To learn more about the San Luis Art Coop, please visit their website.
Location: San Luis Heritage Center, 401 S Church Pl, San Luis, CO 81152
Media: photography, acrylic painting, watercolor, jewelry, painted apparel, and more
David Satrun: BenchDavid Satrun's Studio at the Historic Plaza Arriba in Costilla David Satrun
I come from a background of custom home specialty projects, staircases, built in storage solutions and furniture. I have a passion for restoration of fine old buildings to prepare them for the next hundred years. Now I must work in my studio as we repair and rebuild my body after 40 years of the above work. My new pieces involve more carving and patinas than before, I'm always looking to be a master of the work. As the craftsmen said, life is short and the trade is so long to learn.
Location: Plaza de Arriba NM-196, Costilla, NM 87524
Media: Wood
Ceramic Tea Set by Sarah WelchPoint of Interest: Mother Mary's GardenRio Costilla Studio Tour Map Sarah Welch
I was first introduced to ceramics through a year long apprenticeship with a traditional master potter in Vienna, Austria. After studying art in Austria and California, I earned my BFA in ceramic/sculpture at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since graduating I have shown my sculptural and functional work both nationally and internationally. I enjoy making pottery, where I find the fusing of beauty with function an inspiring challenge. The long tradition of pottery and its intimate place in daily life inform the artistic choices I make for my pieces. My goal for my pottery is to have the pieces used not only for the way they look, but also the way they feel. All my work is hand crafted by me, including the glazes.
Location: 649 County Road 8.6, Jaroso, CO
Media: Ceramics
Style: Pottery and Sculpture

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